A downloadable game for Android

Developed in 48 hours for the Madrid Game Jam. 

The game have a lot of bugs. We are working on it right now.

A game by Green Glob Salsa: @greenglobsalsa

Iván Uriel Jiménez Vidal - @iviuriel3 - programmer

Alejandro Pérez Álvarez - @Sharkon_WoW - concept / assets artist:

Jorge Domínguez Egea - @jordoe3 - animator / asset artist

Álvaro Gómez Haro - @Snadker - game designer / programmer

The theme was not at use, instead of a concrete and single concept or word it was broader:  labor inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion and together we're stronger. We had the liberty to choose freely which one we would adhere to.


Trabajobs - V0.01.apk 22 MB

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