A downloadable game for Windows

"Sneeze your enemy to death. And prevail in this battle of the ages"

Coming soon:

Key board Controls

Sound effects and music

Some bugs fixes


Kill the other player and run to the oppisite door while you enemy is dead. The first one to reach the final opposite side level wins.


Right now 2 Controllers are needed

- Button A = Jump

-Button X = sneeze (push the other player, activate npc helpers on the level, refeclt enemy snot)

-Left Stick - Movement

-Star - Pause menu


2D platformer for 2 players

Developed in 15 days for a game event

A game by Green Glob salsa: @greenglobsalsa

Programmer: Iván Uriel Jiménez Vidal - @iviuriel3

Concept/Assets artist: Alejandro Pérez Álvarez - @Sharkon_WoW

Animator and asset artist: Jorge Domínguez Egea - @jordoe3

Programmer and Level Designer : Álvaro Gómez Haro - @Snadker

Game Design made by everyone on the team


OhMyLordv2.zip 20 MB


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32bit build please? xD